Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Paradisiacal?? Yes, it's a new word in my blogging vocabulary, it means: of, relating to, or resembling paradise! It pretty much describes how things have been around here since I last posted. That is, if we take work out of the mix but then we work to live, right?? And living is what it's about, so let me show you what's been going on in the world of a wittering knitter...

beach huts lamposts patio

I was whisked off for a lovely weekend away with my man for a significant birthday that I celebrated in March. We went to Lyme Regis on the south coast of England and stayed inland in a small rural village. It was absolutely delightful. We visited Montacute House in Somerset which is just stunning. It featured in the film of Sense and Sensibility (the one with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet).

montacute1 montacute2 montacute5 montacute4 montacute3

These were the flowers in the room when I arrived (that Mr. Lovely had arranged for me!):

birthday flowers

When we returned I was thrown a family birthday party and they invited some interesting guests...

birthday table


Mum and my step-Dad keep chickens and these are their latest additions:


So cute!!! They're a real motley crew of all sorts, this one at the front has been called Spike (from the Gremlins with the bleached blonde tufty hair!).

For my birthday my partner's brother and his wife bought me a bird box and a bird table and they are already in full use. In fact we already have tenants in the bird box and they've even started a family already! Hopefully I'll have pics of the little babies soon :)

bird bath bird box2 bird box nest

The weather has been wonderful of late and the wisteria in full bloom was just beautiful:


We've already had a number of barbecues and we look forward to many more as the summer approaches :)

I hope to be back soon with more pictures, including my main birthday present from Mr. Lovely and a very useful crafty investment from my Mum!

Until next time,