Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bits and bobs

It it so lovely to be back on the blogging scene, getting back in touch with my old blogging buddies and also meeting new ones already! :) Thank you for your supportive comments on my first post and I look forward to writing many more posts for you to read over the coming year and beyond.

As I still don't have a camera (yet!) and my new phone is a temporary downgrade until my contract is up I have been digging through my old pictures to try and find some interseting things. Firstly, I spent a lot of time in a seaside town called Clevedon last year. I love it there. Here are some of the lovely views I snapped whilst I was there:




Why wouldn't you love it there?? The sunsets are dreamy and it is really peaceful.

A good friend of mine had a baby last year and I managed to knit (what I believed to be) a unisex jumper in newborn size in time for the little one's arrival. As it turned out it did seem more boyish and luckily they had a boy! :D I really enjoyed knitting it and it really got me to grips with seaming which I hadn't done much of before.

baby jumper

I have another baby jacket on the go at the moment (for a different friend). Here are the old pics of it:

baby jacket update

I have almost finished it so I look forward to posting an updated picture soon (hopefully with the new camera!).

There are a few other knitting projects I have on the go which I will tell you all about in my next post. I have also given myself a knitting task this year which I hope will come to fruition...

So until next time,



  1. I've set myself a knitting task too --- basically to broaden out and knit some other things beside bunnies lol. Wether it will happen though only time will tell.

  2. Hello, and very nice to "see" you again! Your jumpers for babies look lovely. There are such nice patterns available for children these days. I look forward to reading more about your projects in the future.
    Caroline x

  3. thanks for visiting my blog - glad to get your comment! I've made the same sweater as you - for my nephew rather than for my own children. Will be popping (nearly wrote pooping!) by again.

    Esther x

  4. That baby jumper is just fabulous Gem! How I envy you knitting gals. Maybe this year will be the winter that I teach myself to fiddle those knitting sticks!