Monday, 21 February 2011

Crafty Goodness

Before I show you what I have been crafting I have a few home pics for you. Firstly, my favourite little birds that visit the bird feeders are long-tailed tits. Seriously, how cute are these little fellas? :)

Long tailed tit

They hang around in gangs, we often have eight of them at once. It is known that they will all help to look after the young of the gang so not only are they cute but they are caring little fellas too. Bless!

Valentine's day saw the addition of a new friend to The Wittering Knitter's abode. My lovely man bought her for me :) Just check out her wellies:

Deidre's wellies
Wouldn't you love a pair?? I think they're fab :)

These wellies belong to Deidre the duck who was a little shy to begin with during the photo shoot:

Deidre in the tulips and daffs
Deidre peering over the tulips and daffs

She still wanted to be in the photos but she didn't like the close-ups. Here are some flowers in a teapot (with Deidre). I ran out of vases and never use this teapot so I thought it would look great when these daffs come out:

A teapot of flowers and Deidre

I did promise you some crafty goodness so here we go... do you remember my post about the blue knitted baby jacket...? Well, it is finished! The buttons have been bought and sewn on and it is all ready to be sent off in the post tomorrow to a young man who is eagerly waiting its arrival (it has been promised for a while now!). I wasn't sure how to photograph the hood so I've included a few variations :)

Baby jacket and Deidre Baby jacket and Deidre

I fell in love with these buttons, I really wanted wooden ones and I love Snoopy. I am sure the little guy who is to receive this jacket won't be too bothered but I think his parents will approve:

Snoopy button

During my search for buttons I came across some that I made a year or so ago:

Handmade children's buttons in a Japanese fabric Handmade children's buttons in a Japanese fabric
Handmade green buttons Handmade pink gingham buttons
The colours haven't come out very well as the light here hasn't been very good lately but the gingham ones are fuchsia pink!

As I have been on a bit of a knitting frenzy trying to finish baby jackets and jumpers I decided to try my hand at a bit of crochet. I haven't done very much crochet at all so I wanted to start on a small scale. I decided on a hot water bottle cover and I've been amazed at how quickly the fabric grows compared to knitting. I have to credit Lucy from Attic24 for her tutorial on granny stripes. Without that I would have made a jumbled mess I can assure you! Here is one half of the hot water bottle cover:

Crocheted hot water bottle cover

Again, the colours haven't come out terribly well but I think you probably get the jist :)

I hope to have some more crafty delights for you soon, especially as it is half term for the schools around here so I am looking forward to a few days off relaxing in front of the fire.

Have a great week.

Until next time,



  1. We get long tailed tits, cute fore sure. And being a female of certain those Snoopy buttons.

  2. The little blue jacket is gorgeous and I love all the buttons! Crochet looks great too, you have been busy.
    How cute is Deidre and her pretty wellies!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I love those bottons especially the Snoopy ones.

    Nina x