Sunday, 9 October 2011

Boomerang Blogger!

It has been a while, a long while... A lot of crafting has happened since I last posted here (beyond knitting too!) but also, a concert in Brussels, a huge road trip to the highlands of Scotland, a new job and a new business venture! I hope this feebly hopes to explain my lack of blogging.

So crafting and my blog. I have thought a lot about blogging, why I blog, what I like about reading other people's blogs and if I should change what I write, how I write or whether I should write at all. We're taking nearly five months of deliberations here so for your sake I shall summarise my warblings:

Why do I blog?
To share my crafty progress and any other 'interesting' things I've been up to. I also blog to keep in the blogging community as I think it is only fair that if I am reading and enjoying something someone else has taken the time to plan, write and publish then I should put something back into that community for others.

What do I like about reading other people's blogs?
Pictures! I love seeing pictures, especially of other people's crafty projects. I have been completely inspired by some other bloggers who have single handedly got me into other crafts beyond knitting like crochet and sewing.

Should I change what I write?
I am not sure, possibly yes. If I like the craftiness of other people's blogs then I am sure that is what other people are most interested in too. Am I right? My blog title suggests you're going to find a whole load of knitting here and errr... hmm...

Should I change how I write?
Maybe - perhaps a little and often is better than one huuuuuge post in a blue moon. Posting a little and often may also seem less of an onerous task and might enable me to blog more reqularly.

Should I write at all?
This is the ultimate blogger's conundrum... I think at the moment, yes. When I blog I do enjoy it. I love receiving comments. It is like receiving something exciting in the post. I know this is linked to blogging more regularly too.

I'd be really grateful to hear your thoughts on this conundrum and what keeps you blogging.

Hmm, lots of thoughts! As I am hoping to blog more regularly I am going to chunk up my news in different posts so that you don't have to read loads and loads in one go.

So, today's post is about my new... sewing machine!! (When we say new, it's new to the blog!) I love it! I wish I was better at it, had more experience with it, knew what projects to play with and all of that but I still love it. My own shiny new sewing machine :)

sewing machine1

The only project I have tackled so far is revamping my late Nan's sewing box which had certainly seen better days... a long time ago. We need to remember that, apart from you, it is only for my eyes so no-one else will need to be exposed to my rather interesting fabric choice. In truth, I was so excited to have a little project, err... 'little' only in size! It took me a whole day of pinning, tacking, ironing, sewing, ironing, pinning, tacking, ironing, sewing... you get the idea :D


sewing box before1 sewing box before2


sewing box1 sewing box inside1 sewing box inside fabric1 fabric2

Did I mention that the lining doesn't quite fit? Guess I omitted to share that. I like to think of it as a labour of love, a project only its creator could love ;) I am just pleased to have completed something.

How cute is this little heirloom? It is a minutely crocheted mexican hat that houses a thimble and the brim serves as a handy little needle store :)

sewing mexican hat

More inspiration has followed since this project and that was largely down to a recent trip to Millie Moon, a new sewing shop that has opened in Wells (a beautiful cathedral market town in Somerset). I walked in to the newly opened store and I felt like a child in a sweet shop! Everything was beautiful and waiting to be picked up, looked at, touched. The shop is crisp and ordered and full of fabricy goodness. I can't wait to go back with a project in mind and purchase my supplies :) They have another shop in Frome, Somerset and they have a sewing school there! I have been oggling over the list of classes, I am looking forward to taking the plunge. Meet this little dude who came home with me from my visit:

measuring tape owl1 measuring tape owl2

Oh yes, something seemingly just cute and of no purpose actually has a purpose for every crafter! :)

Keeping on the sewing theme, I must tell you about my blogging buddy from Australia. Check out her Frazzy Dazzles blog and have a read - it is full of sew-y delights. It is extra specially exciting at the moment though as she has recently had a crafty article published in a magazine! There is a give away on her blog at the moment to celebrate her crafty/writing success :) I am sure she won't mind me reposting one of her pictures to get you in the mood for a visit to her blog :)

frazzy dazzles

So, until next time...


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  1. Amanda Withington9 October 2011 at 10:04

    Hiya. I'm not writing much on the Blog front at the moment as life takes another direction but I still enjoy reading them. I think as long as you enjoy it and it does'nt become a chore then go with the flow.