Sunday, 12 January 2014

A two and a half year blogging holiday! Part 1

My blogging mojo has returned after a lovely comment on a very old post of mine. Initially I felt awful for taking such a long break from blogging but then I decided to just get back into it :) I am going to try and summarise what has been going on in the last two and a half years. I realise this is too long for one post so I am going to split it into several posts.


My love for crochet has grown exponentially and in some sort of timeline order here's what's been going on (the first instalment anyway!):

Some crocheted slippers for a friend's 30th. This was a free pattern on Ravelry and was incredibly easy. I haven't made any more as they are for small feet but I do hope to adapt the pattern in time.

This is the start of a new crocheted blanket for another friend who was expecting. This photo was taken in a cafe in the Peak District, UK.

I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It is Sirdar Calico and is a lovely cotton mix. Here is the completed blanket:

It was soon realised that my yarn stash was getting out of control and it had no order at all so one afternoon I emptied all of the yarn I could find onto the spare bed and set about organising it. Here is the before picture:

This was all bagged, labelled and boxed up. Very satisfying!


Wow! Going back over two and a half years worth of photographs makes selecting key moments very challenging. My first instalment captures autumn/winter 2011 through to summer 2012.

We spent Christmas 2011 in Canada on Vancouver Island. It was a magical experience as I had never been to Canada before. I was sold with the flight in!

I have far too many pictures to share here but suffice to say it was truly beautiful:

I would love to return one day... when we've saved all of our pennies!! On returning home and a few months along we spent a weekend on Exmoor in the UK and visited the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Trust. This is well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. We loved it and will most definitely return again. Here is the view we had whilst we had lunch:

And here is one of the stunning owls, a barn owl:

Summer 2012 saw us holidaying in the Peak District. We stayed on a working farm and visited many attractions, mostly wildlife based. Here are a few pictures from our visits.

A beautiful deer:

Bottoms up! From a trio of otters:

An otter who was so full of character:

A young great grey owl:

So until next time where I'll give you more crafty and general updates :)