Friday, 7 January 2011

Sitting Knitting

First week back at work, done! What a stark contrast between sitting and knitting in front of the fire over the holidays! :D Glad it's the weekend now.

So, given all this time I spent sitting and knitting, what was I up to?? (Apart from the inevitable starting of new projects without finishing others first!) All you knitters out there, how satisfying is it to cast on a new project with a lovely new ball of yarn? And if you've had to buy new needles for the project as well, even better! :) I have finished a few projects though, a beanie hat:

Beanie Hat

I knitted this in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in shade 028 (charcoal). I used this pattern for the Dublin Beanie. I modified the pattern after reading reviews on Ravelry that the hat seemed snug for a man. I used straight needles then used mattress stitch to do an invisible seam at the back at the end. I also increased the number of stitches by 10% and added in an extra couple of rows when decreasing to keep the hat in proportion. It turns out it is a perfect fit! :) The only modification I'd make next time is to increase the number of rib rows around the rim as it seems to want a slightly chunkier rim. The next time will be soon as I've just ordered two balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in shade chocolate.

I made two ipod cosies following an owl pattern on Ravelry. If you'd like to find it, search for 'owl ipod' under patterns and it'll come up. It is very clever and looks like an owl just from a few cable stitches - nice! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos before I gave them away as presents. I will probably make some more at some point, and if I do I'll be sure to take pictires and post them.

I mentioned in my last post that I'm hoping to take on an extended knitting project this year. To give you the preamble, my cousin gave birth very prematurely about 18 months ago. Baby and Mum are both well but the early days were difficult for both of them. As a family we felt so helpless so we contributed where we could with clothes. I have a magazine subscription to 'Knitting' and in there they regularly write about a charity called Bliss. Bliss's moto is 'for babies born too soon, too small, too sick'. I read up on what I could do... knit!! There are patterns available on their website and there are many premie patterns available for free on Ravelry. I am using a Debbie Bliss pattern in garter stitch. It has knitted up really quickly and is almost finished. It is in a lovely soft lemon yarn (Sirdar Snuggly 4ply). The yarns have to be soft, non-irritable and washable. I am hoping to complete a load of these and send them off. Watch this space for more Bliss charity knitting action! If any of you are interested but you're not sure what to do, let me know and I'll try and help. Here is my little jacket so far (ok, so it doesn't look like a jacket yet as each panel/sleeve is knitted separately and then a yoke joins them all, this is what I'm doing now):

Premie Baby Jumper

The sleeves are big so that little arms don't struggle getting in. The yoke method is used to avoid unnecessary seams for fragile little ones to be leaning on. I do feel that although I can't help the sick babies directly I can hopefully bring some comfort and warmth to them.

I have a weekend of food, wine, fires, knitting and puzzles planned with a small trip into town tomorrow. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

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  1. Your beanie looks so warm and cosy. Love how you are contributing to Bliss - such a worthwhile charity.